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       If 'all the world's a stage' and we want to change the world;                                     what does it mean for the stage?

A long form performing arts project, centred on a woman's experience, made in response to global environmental and economic crisis.

BiDiNG TiME is a glitteringly ambitious experiment to create live events based on a story shared around the world. Its an invitation to make theatre, in many different ways.

The invitation is to adapt the story locally and find ways to connect it to the place where you live. Share what you create virtually and connect with others in their local communities. 


First made in Sydney, Australia in 1987 by Pippa Bailey, Sarah Butler and Wednesday Kennedy, revisited in 2007 by Pippa when five productions tested this new model between 2012-2016. BiDiNG TiME is democratising creative processes, celebrating cultural exchange and creating 'Fair Trade' theatre. In a world where women still face discrminiation; climate change and environmental disaster threaten our survival; we need to change. Telling new stories in new ways is part of that process.  


An invitation for creative people. Get in touch, read the script and respond with your own interpretation.

BiDiNG TiME is about change. Imagination is powerful. Climate Change is a central theme and a driving force. This story isn't finished. Making it better and more relevant is within your power, that’s the point! Join the action.

Thanks for your time.

  Arts Council   100 


With support from the British Council, Visiting Arts, Kent County Council