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Biding Time is a glitteringly ambitious experiment to make a new live show by spreading a story. Using live events, and various online media, this show has transformation at its heart. Through a wide range of projects the aim is to reach out and touch people interested in making new participatory theatre. This is theatre at its most expansive and inclusive - not restricted to theatre buildings or specific forms and styles, where local knowledge and talent drives each adaptation. It is collaborative and 'fairtrade'.

 There are many ways to play your part. There is an unfinished text to start the process. From the chance to play a role, to writing speeches, designing costumes, creating dance, building installations, making music and playing games, there is something for everyone. The existing text, songs and activities provide a framework to be adapted and re-arranged. This is a huge collaboration, inspiring people to make new shows in new ways.

People conspire on a grand scale and across the globe in order to make money, often at the expense of others. We want to see if we can conspire on a grand scale to bring a different set of values centre stage – see why? to find out more.