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How do I get involved?
There are lots of different ways to get involved in this project depending on your interest. If you have questions then please PLAY YOUR PART or use the email links and get in touch

I am a bit confused…is Biding Time a show or what?
Biding Time is the name of the project and of a series of shows. There were five productions in 2012 and we hope for at least 10 more in 2016 & 2017. There are lots of ways of joining the process and helping to shape your version of the show.

What is the New Year Club?
The New Year Club is where he second part of the Biding Time show is set. We are developing it as an event in its own right to raise awareness about the project and get people involved. New Years Club is both serious and celebratory, its about time and change – which are themes from the show.

Where can I get a copy of the text?
If you would like to read the text you can download the pdf of the latest draft in The SHOW section or contact us.