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The journey began in Sydney Australia, 1987; a collaboration between Pippa Bailey, Sarah Butler and Wednesday Kennedy. It was first performed at The Loft, an upstairs café/bookshop in Darling St, Balmain. This modest 3 hander was then produced again in 1991 in Melbourne (Wednesday Kennedy was replaced by Brianne Cuthbert) and went on to perform at the 1992 Adelaide Fringe to critical acclaim. These young artists were frustrated by  the barriers that they perceived were preventing them from gaining access to the entertainment business. They decided to make and produce their own show. They wanted to change the world.

20 years on and the story still seemed relevant.  Pippa saw an opportunity to update and develop the original dream of change and use this story to collaborate more widely. It has been reworked and radically adapted, informed by different influences, from theatre to TV to site specific performance to interactive installation to large- scale outdoor events to community regeneration to environmental campaigning to cultural policy. Biding Time celebrates theatre as the most collaborative art form and attempts to draw many threads together in order to create something new. Thos project celebrates the potency of live experiences in a digital age, aimed at communicating with a wide range of people, encouraging them to get involved and ask questions.

Almost 30 years since the origial production there is a growing awareness of the need for systemic change. Both the story itself and the way the project is structured encourages people to think again about the way we live our lives, what we aspire to and what will actually make us happy. There is an urgent need to explore new ideas in new ways.