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Making Music

Music plays an important role in this show; there is an unfinished score to accompany the unfinished text. This is for a musical but non-musical versions of the BiDiNG TiME story have also been made. Styles of music and specific songs are developed to suit the local adaptation. This gives you the opportunity to play your part and help shape the show. Music is a key part of a person's cultural identity and we hear this complex array of influences through the music for each show.

In the story the central character of Thyme falls for Nick who plays in the new band ‘The Waiting Game’. The band needs songs. Write a song about London or another theme from the show. You retain all rights to your creative material. We will negotiate rights if we wish to use your song. Some will be shared on this site.

There are existing song lyrics – down load them here. Or create your own as Lousie Quinn has done in Biding Time (remix)

SING the theme tune ‘my time’ in your choir by downloading the music on the songs page. The choral arrangement by Rebecca Dell and Danny Stopani can be heard below.


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