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New Year Club

In the New Year Club, every night is new Years Eve. This is the setting for the second part of the BiDiNG TiME show and has been developed as a stand alone event.

New Year's Eve is the only moment when, across the world, hundreds of thousands of people think about change in a positive way. It is a celebration linked to a moment in time. In South Korea the population add a year to their age (regardless of individual birthdays), in Chile people welcome the new year in with their dead relatives at the Cemetry and in Equador scarecrows are burnt at midnight. Other unusual traditions

New Year Club has been developed as a flexible event adapted into different settings whether its a cabaret, a house party or a club event. The audience are encouraged to make resolutions, think about change, count in the new year and kiss strangers. People know what to do

At Latitude 2010 - New Year Club ladies did walkabout performance during the day, preparing people for a late night cabaret show.

In 2011 at new venue Summerhall, Edinburgh - A Band Called Quinn joined a string of fabulous acts to celebrate New Year Club.

At the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the infamous Bongo Club Cabaret hosted a month of New Year Club Sundays as part of their farewell programme from the premises they have called home for many years.   

And don't forget, its pretend! 11am or 9pm could be the new midnight. Get in touch to find out more.