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AVAILABLE TO TOUR - made in partnership with Tangled Feet

WINNER: Jury Prize GI20 (Stockton International Riverside Festival and Shoreditch Festival 2011)

A cheeky interactive outdoor performance, exploring and exposing public opinion about environmental issues and offering these back to the public.

This show has been developed as part of the R&D process for BiDiNG TiME to find out what the public really think about Climate Change.

Three roving performers interview the public about their attitudes to climate change and the state of the world. Using documentary theatre the performers then rant on behalf of the public, the interviews playing simultaneously in the performers headsets. These ‘rants’ are interspersed with music and crazy dancing, offering comic relief and time for reflection. It's better out than in!

Developed with Cristina Catalina, Tunji Falana, John Hinton, Jenni Jackson, Susan Momoko Hingley, Leon Smith, Fiona Watson, Kat Joyce, Natan Curry


Performed by John Hinton, Jenni Jackson & Fiona Watson, Directed by Kat Joyce (Co-Director of award winning Tangled Feet Theatre Company

Production design/ logistics by Luke Gledsdale