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School Workshops


A team of experienced workshop leaders are available to conduct workshops in schools to help teachers get thoroughly involved in the educational opportunities this project provides. Resource packs and specific advice on building community relationships through this project are also available. 

Gabrielle Moleta is a highly experienced physical performer and choreographer, specialising in animal transformation work - relating the BiDiNG TiME story to the natural environemnt and the animal world.

All leaders have:

  • Enhanced CRB 
  • Strong understanding of and commitment to the project, able to adapt aspects to suit your learning needs
  • Experience of working with/teaching young people 14+ and adults
  • Strong reputation for a specific area of creative skill (directing, choreography, writing, etc)
  • Do not run workshops that rely on a formula and are able to target their work to meet the needs of the teacher and the curriculum but also will adapt these to suit the project. All leaders are confident in leading participants through an exploratory process and questioning conventional views about theatre and process.


 Please contact our team