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Rights and IP

At a critical moment in the process of developing this project Pippa Bailey decided that sharing the story was key. Rather than give it away via creative commons, she didn't want to bypass the thorny issue of who gets paid. If you want to join this experiment then we ask you are clear and transparent about the conditions you are working under. Here are some guidelines.

1. Whenever possible artists should be paid for their work. If there is funding, a percentage should always go to the creatives.
2. If there is no money - everyone shares the poverty.

3. Participants can join in free of charge and use the material on this site for their personal use.
4. If you want to pass it please refer people back to this site.
5. If you want to charge people to use the material you are creating - because you are performing or recording it then you need to negotiate those rights with us.

If you want to get involved then please get in touch and play your part.

If you create something using text/lyrics/music created by Pippa Bailey or another artist associated with this project, then you are collaborating with them and share the copyright with them.

If you wish to produce a version of this show then the rights are shared. If you charge people to see the work there will be a small royalty. The cost will partly depend on your overall budget and circumstances. We don't want to exploit or be exploited.

If you are not sure – just ask!

This project is in development – more information will be available soon.