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The Show

There isn't just one show, there have been and will be many different shows, based on the same story and source material. You can make a show, adapted to suit local culture and conditions.

The story is about a group of people carving out their future, focused on the central character called Thyme. Go to story synopsis for more.

BiDiNG TiME is an experiement in collective creativity, offering the opportunity to play with a script and story. This experiment offers an unfinished text as a way of sharing complex ideas and attempts to bring a range of different styles of theatre together into one piece.

In the unfinished script the show is set in an auditorium and an adjacent space where the audience have a more immersive experience. Part one happens in the auditorium, part two is where the New Year Club happens. Then the audience returns to the auditorium for part 3.  There are also possibilities to create links to the great outdoors. These are just ideas, the project and story is much bigger than the script. We are curious to see what people will do, and do not want to dictate, particularly when working in different countries with different cultures.  

This project is primarily about sharing values and ideas about how to change the world for the better. This is as important as making a great show.

So far there has been:

Research trips to India, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, France, Poland, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lebanon

Musical developments by Helen Chadwick, Little Bulb Theatre, Magdelene Mills, Richard Bundy and the Dover Olympic Torch Choir, Rebecca Dell & Danny Stoppani, Louise Quinn & A Band Called Quinn.

Biding Time (London) - made by the Brit School with 65 young people in the cast of a physical theatre version of the story, directed by Emma Baggottt, January 2012

BiDiNG TiME (Adelaide) - made in a week with 7 local performers, 3 special guest 'experts' and exciting young indie band The Giveaways, Adelaide Fringe 2012

BiDiNG TiME (Tonbridge) - using local shops and businesses for a walking tour through this commuter town that journeyed to the EM Forster Theatre, Tonbridge Arts Festival 2012

A flock of Thyme - performance interventions at Paradise Gardens at London Pleasure Gardens as part of Olympic Festival 2012, using ideas of flocking, slow and sped motion, playing with time. Choreographed by Gabrielle Moleta.

Biding Time (Remix) by Tromolo Productions with A band Called Quinn, directed by Ben Harrison & moving image by Uisdean Murray. Created at The Arches, Glasgow and presented at Summerhall, Edinburgh during Fringe 2013. Touring Scotland April-May 2014 and presented as part of Made In Scotland 2014 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The show toured to Brazil in 2015.

BiDiNG TiME walks and talks - presented at Summerhall during Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013  

BiDiNG TiME play, two performers took to the streets of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 to share ideas and hear people's stories related to the themes of the show.

The current (unfinished) text is available for people to read to themselves or in book/reading groups. Please get in touch if you would like a copy. 

pippa (at)