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The current unfinished text offers little character background and the action is determined by situation, relationship and emotional journey. These characters are loosely drawn to allow space for them to be interpreted into different contexts and cultures, offering people the opportunity to help develop them.

Thyme – aspiring actress (17-27) works part time in The Clock Works bar/café in London. She could be from anywhere in the world. She is in London to follow her dreams. Thyme believes in romantic love and she is waiting for ‘her time’, her moment to shine. Thyme shares a flat with Deek who she also works with. They share a close relationship. She is also friends with Jane, who runs the Clock Works café.

Deek– Thyme’s flatmate/best friend (24-32yrs). He has a day job that requires a suit but also works in the bar evenings/weekends. Deek is a love rat and constantly looking to score. He is good mates with Jake (eco warrior) and has a good heart. He goes for the gag.  

Nick– (20-30yrs) Plays in a band called ‘The Waiting Game’. Down to earth, confident and ambitious, Nick is a thoroughly modern chap. A man of few words with a fear of commitment but devoted to Thyme once their relationship begins in earnest (part 2).

Jake Woodward– (25-35yrs) Eco warrior/superhero - Devoted to saving the planet, struggling to work out how and trying to convince others to join in - Philosopher & dreamer.

Jane– (32-42yrs) Owns ‘The Clock Works’  bar/café, has a teenage daughter; sensible, worldly and successful with hidden talents (she dances in part 2). Jane offers a solid counterpoint to Thyme’s occasional whimsy. She is mother to a young daughter.

Mina– Runs ‘Magnificent Casting’ talent agency and often drinks too much. She wears the most extraordinary shoes. A lush, lonely and unlucky in love, .

Tiffany Truscott– (23-28yrs) Aspiring actress (a bit ‘Barbie’) and highly ambitious. Opportunistic, loyal, with a good heart underneath her padded bra.

Nelson Cash– legendary, loud, crazy American producer who is putting together a new movie and looking for the next big thing from the UK. Nelson is in love with all things British and keen to be on trend and make a buck.

Striker Styles– ‘The Lads’ manager, a suited and booted businessman in the latest designer gear, Striker Styles is a man who has enjoyed the excesses of life, a rough diamond under his coifed exterior.

The Lads– puppet boyband who sing 4 part harmonies, indistinguishable from one another. Drew – member of ‘The Lads’ who barely stands out from the rest but is selected to star in the Hollywood film and wins Tiffany’s heart.

Trix– silent character who seems to manipulate the action, she is Mina’s assistant, Thyme’s alter ego (?) and appears ‘in disguise’ throughout the show. Trix could be an aerialist or a dancer moving between the action on stage and the audience.

The chorus- at least 6 performers – 3 boys and 3 girls. They make up the two bands (doubling up required), the cameo roles and active parts of the crowd.

Mum and Dad– Older couple out celebrating their golden wedding anniversary and a vocal part of the audience.