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Story Synopsis

Originally set in Sydney, then adapted for London, Tonbirdge, Glasgow, Calais and Adelaide, this story could be set anywhere in the world...sometime soon. BiDiNG TiME is about a group of people carving out their future. Thyme is a young actress/performer, she could be from anywhere. Thyme Is searching for success and for love, for her time, her moment to shine. Meanwhile Thyme works in a café, with her mate Deek. She falls for Nick who plays in a new band called ‘The Waiting Game’, she meets eco warrior Jake who connects the dots in her life and challenges her world view.

In a parallel fantastical universe a hard headed professional agent, Mina and her team are casting a film for a ‘top Hollywood producer’. In this process Mina discovers ‘The Lads’, a puppet boy band and casts one in the lead role. With strict directives from Hollywood, they are now looking for the right girl.  

Meanwhile, Thyme journeys rides the waves of her love affair with Nick. This journey mirrors her efforts to find success, somehow both elude her. Eventually the agents offer Thyme a 'deal' and she seems to have got everything she was searching for, but what does she really want?

And there is also Trix, a chameleon and trickster, silent agent of change, able to manipulate Time and make magic.

The story is a journey through the seasons....or at least the sesons we used to know as stable are present in the structure. The fact that even these conditions we think of as constant are changing, creates a complex and unsettling context for our characters and their searches.