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Pippa Bailey has been working on this version of the BiDiNG TiME project on and off for the past 8 years as creative producer/artistic director.

See history for more.

So many people have taken part in developing this project over this period and the list is very long. Here are a few of them... Stephen Clark, Joanna Mackie, Ben Harrison, Gabrielle Moleta, Bethan Tomlinson, Joanna Mackie, Anne Langford, Magdelene Mills, Helen Chadwick, Gabby Wong, Kiell Smith Bynoe, Eggs Collective, Little Bulb Theatre, Lubna Arielle. Emma Baggott, Maeve Leahy, Maria Bressler, Emily Harwood, Richard Evans, Louise Quinn, Dianne Torr, Cascade Dance, James Marlowe, Eggs Collective, 

There is a creative team for an imagined show that would be crowd sourced. We hope to achieve this in 2016.

Go to partners for biogs and more information about key relationships

Big thanks to all those who have facilitated and/or taken part in readings, workshops and meetings and continue to contribute their energy and ideas. If you are keen and curious we want you.