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If 'all the world's a stage' and we want to change the world, what does that mean for our stages?


In the face of economic and environmental crisis, the world is changing. Many systems are failing us (financial, educational, ideological). Many are disgruntled, disenfranchised and looking for alternatives. We need more creative people with generous, flexible approaches to lead this process of change. 

Theatre is also changing and there are many practitioners eager to find new forms, engage with complex ideas and reach out to new audiences. BiDiNG TiME suggests that by playing with the system of making theatre, by engaging people in a process of making a new show in a new way, by enabling more people to put ideas into action; art can encourage democracy, freedom of expression and find new reflections on the wider world. 

BiDiNG TiME focuses on a group of young people and the emotional journey of a young woman, an everywoman called Thyme. The story is being explored in different places in the world by local artists in Iran, Australia, Kenya, India, Fiji, Columbia and Sweden, etc. We are attempting to bring disparate groups and experiences together but respect the differences between people. In a globalised world, where big business defines so much of our cultural expression, we need to focus on our own unique situations and local conditions to celebrate diversity.

Theatre is a vital art form for the 21st Century; a collaborative art form where creative people are inspired to work together and share a vision. Materials are in increasingly short supply. We need to replace the stuff we consume with experiences that focus on the human conditon so we can be kinder, more open, generous and connected. Live performance makes a strong connection to the natural ‘live’ environment, bringing people together in real place/real time. The natural environment is threatened by people's failure to respect fragile eco systems. By making projects locally, experiences can be shared virtually and new links created - unified by content and values.

Biding Time offers new ideas about creating theatre, championing the collaborative process. We celebrate FASHION, MUSIC, WRITING, PLAYING, POLITICS, etc. This project demands that theatre is more than a building and more than a passive experience. The existing unfinished script brings a range of theatre styles together in one piece with the aim of building bridges and taking the audience on a journey.

Biding Time is an attempt to demystify and democratise the creative process, to make new live performances, with artistic edge and broad appeal.

The aims of this project are as important as the story and ideas. We want to see these values evident in every aspect of the project.


  • ENGAGE – as many people as possible from all walks of life in many different places. This includes artists and audience.
  • ACT GREEN – At least 50% of the materials used to make any aspect of this show and related projects must be recycled or sourced from sustainable sources. Carbon footprint must be considered and a percentage of profits donated to support renewable energies. Internationally we want to share ideas and aims, while reducing travel. We hope locally relevant versions of the Biding Time show will be made in different parts of the world and shared virtually.
  • ENCOURAGE - any project associated with this experiment must treat people kindly, share ideas and look for mutual benefit that does not exploit. Celebrate your good fortune by paying forward resources to help those with greater need. Walk your talk and actively encourage participation if you can.
  • INNOVATE - Invest in the idea of something new that isn’t made yet, in new systems and ways of creating – go out on a limb, leap into the unknown. Perhaps this project can help create an environment in which seismic change can happen
  • PLAY! - With ideas, materials, yourself, others, systems, process, form, content, agendas, habits, models, expectations…