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    If 'all the world's a stage' and we want to change the world;                                     what does it mean for the stage?

BiDiNG TiME is a live show. First made in 1987, revisited in 2007 and 5 different versions made in 2012, its constantly growing and changing. There is an unfinished script to share the story. Different adaptations are made in different places to suit local conditions.  


BiDiNG TiME is also a research and development project exploring a new model for making international theatre that is local, democratic, respectful of different cultures and environmentally friendly. There are lots of ways to get involved. Join a shared exposition in 2016. 

We want to work with creative people; performers, music makers, designers, artists, and interested parties. play your part Sing a song in your choir, read the script in your book group or do something new and unexpected. Take a lead, find yourself in the story and share ideas... 

Become a creative partner: Make your own version of the story, adapted to suit your resources and audience. There is help and advice available with a range of international partners. The storythemes and songs developed to suit your vision. 

Watch this creative space. Sign up to get regular updates, contribute to discussions and share...

There are other projects, inspired by the BiDiNG TiME story and themes that help to develop the wider project.

BiDiNG TiME is about change. We're concerned with Climate Change, the role of women, democracy and social change. We believe in the power of people and creative processes to transform perceptions, touch hearts and change minds. Stories are powerful - imagination is vital. This show isn't finished and is open to change. Making it better and more relevant is within your power. That’s the point!

This site is a jigsaw puzzle. Keep coming back to watch it change and grow. Thanks for your time.

  Arts Council