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BiDiNG TiME women's pilgrimage. London to Canterbury

Fri, 22/03/2013

This is an idea I have had for awhile. It's wonderful to be making it happen. BiDiNG TiME follows a slow burn method, researched and developed over years, with process and progress at its heart. Its a journey. Sometimes it helps to locate that journey into real space/ realtime and share it. Walking is an enriching way to honour process, you can't cheat or fake the time you spend. You can't rush it without suffering or skip a bit, and each step feels purposeful, which is vital.

The company is integral and although some are strangers a sense of community quickly grows. Some are with us for a few hours and others for the duration. People walk with their own mission and we talk to pass the time, to relive and release our stories. Cathi hasn't walked more than 7 miles before and is testing her mettle, Kristin is carrying a new life marking the changes in and with her body, Ali a seasoned walker - clocking up the miles and experiences to feed her work, Lucy joined on a whim with sturdy shoes but no waterproofs so is resorting to bin liners for day 2, Maria is recording stories and bought a copy of the canterbury tales in blackheath, being read aloud intermittentIy. I listen, reflect & rant in turn. A gypsy band of merry stragglers. And with us in spirit - so many more, hundreds of collaborators, friends and well wishers. We discussed yesterday how important it is to have others notice your efforts. 

The route, London to Canterbury was chosen because its an ancient pilgrimage (though we are deviating from the pilgrims way), honouring a meaningful time in the calendar, spring equinox to palm Sunday - moments to celebrate the coming of spring. There are signs en route, daffodils and primroses blooming by te roadside. So far the weather is cold and today it's forecast to rain. We'll rise to meet those challenges. 

 We remember the ramblers who fought for rights of way across Britain for everyone, a tribute to the social conscience this nation is renowned for. We honour the women who walked in 1913 to demand the vote, the women in the church of England voted against becoming Bishops ( and Canterbury is an important seat of power for that church), the hundreds of thousands taking to the streets in India, Egypt and across the Arab world, standing up against violence & injustice. 

Walking is significant in the BiDiNG TiME story. Thyme, the girl, is 'walkIng into the future' and features a walking song where she walks all night to try and make sense of matters troubling her. Thyme and her friends also participate in a protest, taking to the streets.  We walk for different reasons, enduring  physical pain, emotional suffering & bad weather, in walking the troubles lift and pass. It's a celebration of sacred adventures and spiritual quests with simplicity and integrity...One step at a time.