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Bye bye busy busy summer

Sun, 16/09/2012

So its over, the Olympics, the Paralympics, London 2012 Festival (well almost) opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, corporate posturing (oh no that shapeshifts to other major events), smiley London, happy people, Britain on show to and with the rest of the world. It was big, it was exhausting and now we all need a good lie down. Except that as the curtain falls and the fluros flicker on, destroying the last of the magic, showing up all the grime - the smiles are wearing thin and the country is in crisis. Atos are still cutting disability allowance (that not one paralympian could protest about their sponsorship and still compete. There are new expose's every day of wealthy people acting with utter disregard for anyone except themselves and their rich mates. They get richer, you get the ongoing picture. 

I have been very busy with some Olympic events and my usual sojourn to Edinburgh and the Total Theatre Awards. There have been some lovely BiDiNG TiME activity, I did a wonderful movement piece with Gabrielle Moleta at Paradise Gardens in July, there were BiDiNG TiME songs in the Olympic torch relay celebrations in Dover. Then there is the work that others have been steering, with special thanks to Kat (The Kitten has Claws) and Bongo Club Cabaret for a month of Fringe Sundays and Kat (Tangled Feet) with John, Fiona and Jenni on Rantbox to entertain the crowds queueing for Paralympic Shooting in Greenwich.

With only three months to go until the end of the year, Biding Time is not over yet. Please read the text, play with chracaters, respond to the story, there will be a big bang at the end of 2012. Keep coming back till then.