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A gentle (free) provocation for Edinburgh Fringe

Mon, 15/07/2013

Dear friends, colleagues and potential participants, the audience...

Following my last post, which helped spark debate about the fringe (, I am offering some alternative activities during this years festival. Over seven years I have been working on the BiDiNG TiME project. It shares a story, originally made in 1987, about a young woman and her search for love and success, encouraging people to make their own versions of the story - mostly theatre. Over the development of the project many artists and participants have helped shape its progress including Little Bulb, Eggs Collective, individual performers James Marlowe, Gabby Wong, Isabelle Schloecher, Magdalene Mills, Gabrielle Moleta, composers Helen Chadwick and Richard Bundy, directors Emma Baggott and Ben Harrison, young people in Dover, Pas du Calais, India, London, Somerset & South Australia. In 2012 there were four productions in London, Adelaide and Glasgow along with various interventions, new music and workshops.

Through the project I have been exploring the relationship between economic crisis, environmental crisis, the role of women and of theatre/live performance with a strong belief that the processes and business of making theatre is as important as the work itself. It is an ongoing process with a strong ethos and questions the world we live in and the systems we work with. If we want to change the world, perhaps we need to change the theatre too. 

Edinburgh Fringe is a crazily competitive environment and overwhelms the city. It brings a fervent energy that can be exhilarating and exhausting. These activities share the story, offer an alternative perspective and space for reflection. Each activity is self contained and also connects to the others... The project itself is a complex web and takes time to appreciate, its about sharing process, content and ethos. It is not reduced to a particular form or aesthetic, it cant be easily summed up by a glib marketing strapline. It democratises theatre and encourages people to join in with big vision about the role of arts and culture in the wider world. Here is what is on offer during August in Edinburgh, based at Summerhall. I hope you'll join us.


BiDiNG TiME talks                                                                                                       During the Edinburgh Festival Fringe I will be hosting several talks, outlining the ideas behind the project and sharing stories, some remembered, some borrowed and some imagined. Thyme (the woman in the BiDiNG TiME story could) be from India, Egypt, Tonga, Brazil or up the road. Take an hour to think about the world in a different way.

Every Monday from 5th -19th at 11am. Free

BiDiNG TiME walks
Walking is a vital part of the BiDiNG TiME project. The central character, Thyme, walks during the story. The act of walking shares a journey, physically & metaphorically. By sharing this process we are also connecting to the natural environment in Edinburgh, rain or shine.

Walk at 10am on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 7th -24th August from Summerhall to Arthur's Seat (120mins). In a very short time you will be out of the city gaining insight, fresh air & perspective. You'll also recieve a copy of the BiDiNG TiME story adapted by master storyteller Vergine Guilbenkian. These walks also commemorate the walks of 1913 when women all over Britain walked to raise awareness of their campaign to be allowed to vote. 

Wednesdays & Saturdays 7,10,14,17,21,24 August, 10am - meet at Summerhall (please wear sensible shoes and dress for the weather) Free

BiDiNG TiME (Remix)
The Scottish version of the BiDiNG TiME story made by Louise Quinn with Ben Harrison is a extraordinary interpretation of the original unfinished text. This is a 60 minnute show, using silent disco technology and film by Uisdean Murray. It recieved 4 x 4 star reviews when it opened at The Arches in 2012.

 4, 11 & 12 August, 9pm - Book here 0845 874 3001

BiDiNG TiME play                                                                                                    There will also be incidental performance entertaining queues and playing in public spaces with Gabrielle Moleta, Bethan Tomlinson and Catriona Paterson. Please note the performers are being paid. 

Daily 8th to 18th August in various locations around Edinburgh. Free. Follow twitter BiDiNGTiMEplay for more info.

And for those not coming to Edinburgh, watch the developments on facebook, twitter or via the website.

There is an ongoing invitation to join this international action. Act locally, dream globally, play live and invest in ideas about change.

What are you waiting for?

The unfinished text is also available.

Thanks for your time.


Summerhall, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

For further information please go to