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Women gathering force around the world

Thu, 11/10/2012

This week has seen BiDiNG TiME (remix) opened in Glasgow while the Uprising of women in the Arab World catches fire on social media, Australian PM Julia Gillard is championed for her speech condemning sexism and charity Plan celebrates 'Day of the Girl'. There seems to be a new energy for women's rights, new voices demanding change and a strong sense that perhaps the current crisis might be tackled differently if more women shared the power.

The stories of abuse continue as Jimmy Saville (1970's UK children's entertainer) stories unravel with dozens of women accusing him of molestation while colleagues turned a blind eye. But this is not limited to the past and new students entering UK universities for freshers week report on the new craze of Slut Dropping - where young men offer women they deem to be 'sluts' a lift home, then drive them in the opposite direction, abandoning them in desolate places to find their own way home. This coincides with reports about boys and increased addiction to online pornogrophy, starting as young as 11 years. 

BiDiNG TiME is a story about a young woman finding a voice and making change, the process of creating work is also about change. This is an important moment to think about what stories we tell and how we tell them. Can we move beyond usual roles, women defined by their sexuality - virgins, whore, mothers and crones? Can we listen to women rather than judge them by the way they look? The road keeps rising to meet this project. Change is in the air. Its about time!