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Chat with Robyn Archer at APACA conference, Sydney

Mon, 17/08/2015

Australian Performing Arts Centres Association (APACA) annual conference is an industry highlight. APACA’s 29th annual conference will bring together members, colleagues, policy makers, international, national and local key speakers to provoke, explore, and debate how we revitalise our sector and our practice.  And, for the first time, as part of Mobilise, APACA will also present the Performing Arts Exchange (PAX)—an opportunity for presenters and producers to come together in a new format at the only national touring market for 2015. Excerpts, curated conversations, and of course pitches will allow producers and presenters to exchange information and create the relationships that form the basis for future touring partnerships.

 Networking and touring information events will make PAX suitable for all performing arts sector participants. PAX will be facillitated by Robyn Archer and David Williams.

 Robyn ArcherAOCdOAL (born 1948) is an Australian singer, writer, stage and directorartistic director, and public advocate of the arts, in Australia and internationally. She is a living National treasure.