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New life for BiDiNG TiME in 2023

Mon, 27/02/2023

After a dormant period, a global pandemic and changing global conditions, orginal collaborators Sarah Butler and Pippa Bailey return to review all the work that has happened across many years.

Pippa and Sarah initially joined forces with Wednesday Kennedy as aspiring performers in 1987 to create their first show in Sydney, then they remounted the show with Brianne Cuthbert in Melbourne, touring it to Adelaide Fringe.

Then Pippa picked up the story in 2007 and reimagined it into a contemporary London setting with various workshops, developments and productions.

Back in Australia there was an iteration created in regional NSW in 2016. Now Pippa and Sarah reunite to reflect on this long process, update the script and plan for a crowd sourced version of the show. We are 35years and counting...